In this age of high stress, pollution, and processed foods acne has become an issue that can stay far beyond our adolescence. For some people, it’s minor annoyance, but for others, it can deeply undermine self-esteem.

“I couldn’t even look people in the eye,” one acne patient told me.

Because of this, many of us have been prey to quick fixes and unrealistic promises. I was one of those people.

With Adult Acne, I’ve seen three major reasons they don’t see results

1. Not treating for specific Acne type

Acne should not be treated in the same way for everyone.  Unfortunately too often it is.

Size, quality, areas it affects and patterns of flareup, all make up the traits of different types of acne.  This key information can give us clues to the factors and systems affected, which can drastically change your treatment.

Acne is often unpredictable, and with varying levels of severity, making it impossible to give a blanket solution to all acne sufferers.

2. Not going deep enough

When I had acne, several professionals told me that my blemishes had nothing to do with my diet, my general physical or emotional state.  However, until these were addressed, I saw no changes in my skin.

Many of us concentrate on topical pimple formation when treating acne. From this perspective, blemishes are simply clogged pores that become infected and inflamed, turning them into pustules.

This is why many acne solutions focus on reducing oil, peeling, and using antiseptic agents.  But the “why” underneath this is still not answered.

Why do some people develop comedones while others do not?

Why do some turn into acne, while others simply remain uninflamed bumps for years?  How can some oily complexions simply look dewy and moist rather than making them acne-pone?

The answer lies in the fact that acne is both an internal and an external problem. Looking closely at our hormones, digestion, inflammatory factors, stress levels and environmental exposures are keys to a deeper solution.

For long-term change, we address our health’s foundations.

3. It’s not just one system

Acne is complex, often with a multitude of causes.  Sometimes these are aggravated by many factors at the same time.

While I wish it were a simple fix, over my two decades treating skin, I have seen some acne to be hard to treat because our skin is affected by both internal systems as well as external factors.

In my struggle with acne, I actually made my skin worse through my own short-sightedness and naïveté.  Desperate to clear up my complexion, I dried out my skin (which depleted its defenses), accumulated inflammation from my own stress and frustration, and finally imbalanced my internal health by using powerful antibiotics.

If I had known then what I know today, I would have simply taken a deep breath and recognized my acne as a signal to examine my health.

Armed with the information I know today, I would have been able to make more informed decisions based not on emotions but through awareness of my body’s systems.

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