Eczema is very common, but takes many different forms and can look many different ways.

It can show up as dry, flaky patches of skin; red lesions that are inflamed and accompanied by a burning sensation; or small bumps that look like water blisters and may be itchy. It can be triggered and aggravated by many different things.

This is because there’s something many people don’t know:

There are different types of Eczema.

Some Eczema is made better with a treatment that makes other types of Eczema much worse.

I look at Eczema through an Asian Medicine lens and determine which qualities are being aggravated

The conventional solution to eczema is cortisone cream. Unfortunately, this thins the skin and can cause rebound effects.  It also does not treat the source of the imbalance.

A Different Approach

Treatment should be based on the quality and type of Eczema you are suffering from.

Using Asian medicine doshas skips cookie-cutter prescriptions and uses individualized strategies.

With this, we also do a full audit of your Eczema’s patterns and triggers. Too often patients cannot pinpoint what their exact triggers are.  So, we methodically audit your possible food sensitivities, seasonal reactions, digestive health, hormonal influences and topical care.

Eczema can be so irritating that it disturbs your sleep, affecting your energy, quality of life and aggravating other health problems.

So, a full work up will also be done to see how your other body systems are faring.

Eczema, like other skin ailments, can be an expression internal imbalance.

The Naturopathic solution is to stop masking symptoms and discover what is happening inside the body.

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