Naturopathic Consultation

My Naturopathic Medicine practice is the marriage of evidence-based, clinical investigation and natural therapies. What is at its heart is to find the root cause of your health imbalances.

Through a mix of modern and Eastern medicine, our sessions look to evaluate where the gaps or deficiencies are in your health case so we can strategically make long-term skin and body change.

Whether Naturopathy is used as an adjunct or central to your treatment, my role is to provide you with insights based on my twenty years treating skin and empower you with knowledge to take control of your own health.

Together, we will create a plan that targets your wellness goals.


Life is busy. If you can’t make it into the clinic, online and telephone sessions are available. Some restrictions may apply.


Online Consults

Many of us are now very familiar with meeting up online.

My goal has always been to make your care both stress-free and accessible.

So, I offer virtual visits through my “Cloud Clinic” and also during my in-office clinic hours.

I have designed my online consults to be easy. Simply book in for an Online appointment via phone or through the online booking system. Online, select an “Online” appointment. If you’re confused, simply call or email us at [email protected]

Upon booking, patients get emailed step-by-step guidance on how to log on in advance. We provide seamless online payment and emailed insurance receipts.

You can also book a 15 min meet and greet for more clear guidance.

Online consults are done through a secure, medical platform. Phone consults are also available upon request.

Some restrictions may apply.


Acupuncture: Energy Balance, energy flow

Acupuncture is a pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As a practitioner with extensive background performing manual treatments, I believe that physical therapies are an important part of treating the physical body.

My experience performing acupuncture and overseeing patients at The Guangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in southern China crystalized acupuncture as an integral part of my medicine bag.

This technique uses thin needles inserted into the body’s meridians to redirect, harmonize and stimulate energy (qi) flow.

The art and science of Acupuncture is selecting an exact collection of points to address your qi disruption.

However, it is not limited to energetic benefits but has direct effects on muscle tissue tension, collagen production and blood circulation.

There is a mounting body of research on acupuncture’s efficacy in pain alleviation, headaches, menstrual and fertility treatments, insomnia and stress management.